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"Alright man. You can hold on to it while we stick together. It's probably more useful than the spear."

For the first time in a long time, Madelyn smiled. The simple act of Alex allowing her to hold on to the GPS for the time being was enough to restore a glimmer of happiness back into her life. He was trying to be brave, she could tell, trying so hard to keep them together and safe against all odds. He was a good man.

"Alright, so, here's the plan." he said once Charlene had joined them. She looked absolutely exhausted, but once Alex spoke up she was all ears.

"We wait here till tomorrow. We can easily hide out in one of these stalls. Two exits, one at the front with a big opening and a door at the back. Between that and this, we should be able to keep anyone from getting the drop on us."

Sleep sounded like a wonderful idea after having been up for nearly 2 days straight. Madelyn was exhausted after everything they'd been through, so tired in fact that she didn't even have time to be paranoid about falling asleep with two people that she'd really just met a day ago on an island full of possible murderers.

"That is, if you're still with me on trying to get off this damn rock. I mean, look. We're probably going to fail. In fact, I'm pretty much certain of it. If you want to go off on your own, try and make you peace, hell, maybe even play, I'll understand. I can't. I won't ... and I need you. Both of you. One guy on his own crying for peace is a lunatic. Two people, naive optimists. But three? I reckon we just might have a chance with three."

The fact that Alex still had hope for an escape even after having been shot was comforting to Madelyn. In fact, it was downright noble of him. If there were more people like Alex on the island, maybe their crazy plan could actually work. If there was anything she learned from being in the activist club, it was that sometimes a small yet determined vocal minority could often bring about a change in the way people thought. Perhaps if they banded together, they could appeal to the masses. It was a longshot, but the thought still gave Madelyn some hope for her fellow students. It was a worthy cause in Madelyn's book.

"Yeah. Sounds like a good idea. We can finally get some sleep." Charlene said.

"I... I'd like to help too." Madelyn managed to chime in, picking up her bag and her spear so she would be ready to move when everyone else was.
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