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Bill wasn't going to drop the gun...

That's how you end up dead...letting someone else have a clear target at you...

...but he was willing to keep it pointed away from the others. Leaving the safety on, he raised one hand while keeping the gun in another, ready to return fire if things did get ugly. He couldn't return fire immediately as it was (safety being on and not having both hands on the gun meant that wasn't happening), but he figured he'd be quick enough.

"Set the gun down and I will."

You don't think I didn't notice that? You think I don't see the metal gleaming as you got it? I may be paranoid, but it's not like I don't know we're not all going to make it out of here.

He didn't know it was a gun, but he was going to take a wild guess. It was something shiny, at the very least, and he didn't give a damn if it was a knife or a three-ring binder or a golden retriever...let them deny it and go from there.

"Nothing personal, but I have been following the body counts on the announcements, you know?" Not that he knows how many are/aren't dead, but...it's enough. "And I'd rather not be on the next announcement."

Bill slowly made his way a bit closer, walking towards them, trying to balance showing "non-evil" intent and, well, not being a moron. Which, on the island, wasn't exactly an easy task.
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