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A quick glance at Ben told her that he was also starting to tense up, to the point of taking the safety off his paint gun. He must had realized what she did; this was more than likely this Alex Rasputin. He and Ben had a weapon, she didn't. Which meant she was... oh god... going to have to get out of here as quickly as possible. She couldn't leave Ben behind, though. She knew what that was like. But what could she do? She couldn't fight someone like Rasputin, especially if he had a chainsaw.

Chase, stay calm. Try to act normal.

Ben seemed to have it under control, however. He- seemingly sarcastically- asked Rasputin (?) how his day one went. And soon enough, she was asked if she wanted to leave.

Leave? To where? Chase had no clue. All she knew was that where they were currently in a forest that seemed endless, and that she was scared out of her wits. Oh, and there was a guy with a paintball gun and a guy with a chainsaw. God, this has been a weird month. Maybe there was shelter nearby. Proper shelter, like an actual building. But, one thing that her mind was focused on was that she had to get away from Rasputin, or at least someone who she thought was him.


She turned and jogged away for a few feet, but then spun around. "This way, Ben!" she shouted behind her, though unintentionally in a panicked manner.

And so, she turned back and ran, hoping Ben was indeed following and not Rasputin. But what if Rasputin did follow? What would they do? What if he got Ben? What if Ben ended up staying where he was and they ended up separated? But could she trust Ben? Just a few minutes ago he was pointing a gun at her! He had frightened her when they first met up. The only reason why she wasn't scared of him now was because admittedly she was worried about him. But what if he was... you know... just trying to get her trust? But for now, she had to get the hell away.

She wasn't going to be another Robert Lerger.

The memory of the chainsaw's roar seemed stronger than ever. So was Robert's face and those dull, lifeless eyes. It was a reminder of what she could become if she let Rasputin catch up to her. But was it really Rasputin? In her state of mind, Chase wasn't going to take any chances here. It was better to get the hell out rather than stick around to see if it really was him.

And so Chase ran, praying to god that Ben was following, and that Chainsaw Guy would leave them alone.

((Anna Chase continued in Life is a Beach))

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