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As Charles talked about the time lag, Maddy checked her watch. She was tempted to say the time to the camera, one of which she could see, pointing directly at them. But a quick touch of her fingertips to the collar at her neck put that idea out of her head. Was telling the time a collar blowing offence? Her watch was still aligned to CDT, which would actually possibly be useful to someone watching them. But she couldn't bring herself to do it; not in such a calculated way, anyhow. She needed someone to ask her the time, or to ask someone else what the time was. She needed to lose her watch. Meanwhile, Charles was telling her his plan.

And she sat, open mouthed.

Was it a good plan? She didn't know. It was an idea, for sure, and she could see how he'd arrived at that conclusion. But then he wanted to know if she was willing to be a martyr. Would that make her a saint one day? Maddy allowed herself half a second of iagining this, before realising that there would be over two hundred saints in the same category as herself. Even as she thought this, Clio Gabriella appeared out of nowhere, apparently having overheard them. First the gun was pointed at Charles, but then it swung around until, for the second time in the last three days, Maddy Stone found herself starting down the barrel of a gun.

She wondered where Belle and Jackie, whom she had been sort of travelling with, had gotten to.

Maybe it was the fact that she'd escaped her first one unscathed that Maddy found herself feeling much less afraid this time around. Whatever it was, she was strangely calm, and removed from the proceedings. So when asked if she was going to go with Charles' plan, she shrugged mildly and pointed at the cross hanging around her neck.
"If I kill anyone I'm going to hell," she said simply. "And I get the feeling that, however we go about it, I'm going to find out what's on the other side soon anyway..."
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