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Rein wasn't sure anymore what to think of the school. Was she crazy? How could you NOT hear the announcement? YOu had to be either deaf, asleep or doing something that requires a extreme amount of concentration to not be able to hear it. To make it worst she seem pretty dead set then they were responsible for the pain that Carol was having. She really was inconsiderate.

Simon responded with an initial outburst but caught himself. Thank god. Conflict at this point would only lead to more problems and Rein was more then happy that his friend knew how to keep his cool. At least Kari also seemed...


Rein noticed Kari wasn't around. Where had she gone off? Answering mother nature's call? Who knows but first he had to deal with the crazy girl. When he looked back at her he noticed her had was touching the collar.

She wouldn't dare... Would she?

Before Rein could react, the girl pulled her locker. Rein acted out instinctively and shielded Carol from the explosion. Of course it did little to no damage to the group it had successfully done when it was suppose to do, kill the girl.

Rein was used to seeing wounds of all kind but the sight of someone's head exploding before you was a bit more then what he was used to seeing. He wasn't as much sick as he was shocked. Before his brain could process what had happen a familiar voice called him out.


He took a moment to look at Carol. Not noticing any wounds he stood up and looked around.

"GARY?" He called out.

Only after a few minutes, Gary emerge before them. Never had Rein been so happy to see his best friend before. Running forward he threw his arms around his best friend and gave him a hug. Under normal circumstances he would of never done this but right now the sight of his best friend alive was the greatest gift he could ever earn.
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