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As Harun bent down to brush some dirt off of his jeans, Rashid replied to his suggestion, agreeing with his idea to go say hello to the girls. Truth be told, he'd only suggested it because he had no idea how to react to the sight of Rosa Fiametta topless, and just running off afterwards would probably make Rashid and the people watching at home think Harun had just deliberately committed the voyeuristic equivalent of a hit-and-run. Looking at his companion as he returned to his normal posture, it was pretty obvious from Rashid's facial expression that he too had witnessed Rosa topless. His exact opinion on it however was rather hard to decipher. Unsure whether Rashid would be willing to joke about it or even discuss it (to be brutally honest, Harun wasn't one hundred percent sure Rashid was even completely straight, taking last night into account), Harun just flashed him a brief and awkward smile.

That half-hearted smile on Harun's face soon disappeared when he realised what Rashid probably wanted him to do. He wanted Harun to make the first move and go and talk to the two girls in the clearing. Harun wasn't good at talking to girls he hardly knew in a platonic sense, and talking to a girl he'd just seen half-naked would be out of the question under normal circumstances. Hell, Harun would say it was out of the question in these circumstances, but still, aside from being potentially embarrassing, he couldn't see any real reason not to.

Rosa didn't seem to be the type to play. Maybe the type to sleep her way into the final ten, but not the type to go around stabbing or shooting people. Madeleine (he hadn't been thinking about her nearly as much. The fact he hadn't seen her naked from the waist up may have had something to do with that), from what little he remembered of her, also didn't seem the type to play the game (and by playing the game, Harun meant going along with Danya's depraved terrorist event, not playing "the game", which he had just lost. But, just like in the middle of exams or moments of silence following a tragedy, being in the middle of a killing game was one of the few situations where Harun guessed it was permissible to not announce one's loss publicly.)

So, pausing to collect his thoughts, he began to walk at a steady pace towards the clearing, heading for what looked like it would be a thin layer of foliage. Pushing his way through it, he emerged a short distance away from Rosa. "Uh...hey girls...just heard you talking and thought that...." This was pretty awkward. Harun was trying to avoid looking at Rosa for obvious reasons, instead switching between looking at Madeleine and staring at his trainers that one of his cousins had brought for him the last time he visited Turkey (in return he had brought him one of the many mediocre Simpsons games. The cousin in question was 9, and at that age licensed games were pretty much the best thing in the world). He began idly drawing a line in the dirt with his sword-revolver while he paused to scratch his nose. "Erm...just thought I'd see if you were both alright, that's all...."

Resisting the urge to add an awkward "so yeah" at the end, Harun resumed staring at the ground. He'd messed this up pretty bad. The fact he probably looked really flustered and embarrassed and probably had a face as red as the flag of the USSR didn't help.
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