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Miranda's mind was swimming. Sarah had immediately denied it all, but then she dropped the act and started smiling. Smiling, of all things. It was like she was happy to be found out. 'What is wrong with her? Why is she happy?!' And then Sarah went and called her a bit-character. Miranda would have lunged at the girl and beaten the living daylights out of her, if not for the long thin item she just produced from her pocket. A scalpel. 'Where the hell did she get that?'


The handle shone menacingly but the blade was anything but immaculate, covered in splashes of russet, dried blood that used to belong inside Eve Walker-Luther's body. Miranda froze, eyeing the surgical tool that was dancing in Sarah's fingers.


"S-Sarah, get the fuck away from me with that thing! Seriously!" she spoke loudly, feeling her heart thump rapidly in her chest. She heard Lily threaten Sarah with her gun, but the maniac ignored the pair of them and advanced. The crazed look in her eyes glued Miranda's feet to the dirt. Sarah was right; Miranda's mind was screaming at her to run away as far as her sandal-less legs could take her, but her feet wouldn't obey. Sarah's glare had hypnotised her, her legs were paralysed by fear.

God dammit, RUN!

The connection between her brain and feet was finally re-established and she managed a half-step backwards. It was too little too late though. Sarah's hand thrust forward and Miranda's neck was suddenly on fire as the razor-sharp edge pierced skin, blood vessels and cartilage. Immediately her left shoulder and upper arm were bathed in hot and sticky liquid, her pink top receiving a morbid red dye job. She tried to scream out as agonising pain coursed throughout her throat, but couldn't produce any sounds save from a strangled grunt.

'Oh shit, no... no! NO!' Miranda frantically thought, looking as far down as her wide fearful eyes would allow her. The scalpel's silver handle was in her field of vision, sticking out from her trachea like a radio mast. With each beat of her heart, more bright red arterial blood was spurted out of her neck, coating her hands that hovered shakily just centimetres away from her wound. Being one of the better biology students in her class, Miranda instantly knew that a major artery had been severed, and without emergency surgery, she was going to die.

'I'm going to die...' Miranda thought, her legs starting to weaken and shake. She lost her balance and fell back against the tree, sliding down to the ground with the bark digging into her back. Lily's screams echoed in her ear, but it all sounded so far away. 'No... I can't... I don't want to...'

Hot tears streamed down her cheeks and mingled with her blood.
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