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The peace that Morgan and Jen had shared was nice. Though Jen's silence was a little disconcerting, he was used to the silence after his speeches, usually followed by a laugh or a smile, but she just stared at him, lost in thought. The poker playing teen had always wanted a moment like this. Just the two of them alone like this. Maybe now-


He was temporarily stunned by the loud sound of a gun. He heard someones muffled voice shouting out in the distance but couldn't decipher what was said. When the fog lifted from his head he saw that Jen had let go of his hands and was keeping low

Morgan shook his head to clear it further and the instinct of flight took hold. He pushed himself up and grabbed as many things as he could, he picked up his bag cradling the straps in his left hand and he took his rifle in his right.

"Jen we gotta find cover." he yelled, the ringing from the gunshot still ringing in his ears, "Over there, that pile of logs quick!"

The debris wasn't exactly large, maybe two feet and providing little cover for the two of them, but it would have to do. He began to scramble over towards the logs, nearly losing balance multiple times.

"Crap crap crap crap!" Morgan gasped in between breaths burying himself behind the logs.

He crouched down as low as he could, taking a deep and heavy breath. Whoever fired the gun hadn't fired again yet, but there was no knowing if and when that would happen again. His gaze turned to the rifle in his right hand. He had something that he could defend both Jen and himself. Would he be able to use it? Morgan wasn't sure. He just hoped that Jen had followed his lead and that they would both be safe. He didn't want to fire that gun.
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