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((Ericka Bradley continued from Just Like a Hangover But Without All The Fun))

It had taken awhile to find a place where Ericka could get a little bit of rest. It hadn't been much, she was too stressed to sleep very deeply, or for very long, but it would have to do. She woke up to the announcement and, eating some of her bread rations and drinking some water, she set out, hoping on doing something other than waiting in one spot until someone with murderous intent found her.

Arriving at what appeared to be an open field, Ericka took out her map to figure out where she was. The Greens... They were a danger- no wait, that's right, the danger zones had been cleared, the Greens were safe, and since there were deaths here there might be things to scavenge.

Ericka slowly walked around the outskirts of the area, hoping to find any dead bodies that might have anything that would be helpful with it. The first body she found, however, turned out to be less-than-dead. Eyeing him over, she saw that he had two weapons... Had he...? No, he didn't necessarily kill someone for a second weapon. Ericka knew she couldn't have been the only one who had the idea to search dead bodies for weapons or extra rations.

The question now was; Would he be friend or foe? Ericka edged closer to try to get a better look.
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