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(Mizore Soryu continued from Darkness Within)

Her hours had gotten off. Meditating, staying up with Raidon, sleeping late had taken their toll. It was dim light, but she had heard the announcement.

Rounding us off for the day, Scott McGregor, showing yet AGAIN why you don't make any sudden movements around somebody with a gun, was shot and killed by Naoko Raidon.

She didn't feel any anger. He had said he would. She knew he would. Maybe he had really been startled, even. But it was cold now, even with the jacket around her. And she felt weary.

And there were people nearby.

She recognized one of them. Mirabelle Nesa. She did Karate at the dojo with some Life On Enceladus members. The other two, the boy and the girl, she knew nothing about. The boy didn't look in good condition, though. Big guy, kind of spaced-out look, face that had taken a beating. The girl seemed fragile, with red streaks in her hair.

None of them looked like they would immediately kill her. So she stepped on a twig and emerged from the tree cover, palms up.

"Mizore Soryu here. Not trying to kill you. Just want to get some rest." She put down her bag. "Weapons are in that bag. Caltrops and food. Nothing on me. Can search me if you want." Was every introduction she made to people from now on going to sound like a police procedural? How disconcerting. "I'm on my way to the groundskeeper's hut to get some paint. Anyone know where I can find paint around here?"

Alice Boucher was a liar.
Liz Polanski played with fire.

And who the hell is Radio Asuka?
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