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Killed. Death. Murder. Why else would someone cry? Your friend gone forever, and knowing that you could have stopped it-

Sapphire dragged her head up and looked into his face. "You don't know what could have happened if you stayed. It's in the past. You can't change it, and it's pointless thinking about changing it."

Words from her mother. How ironic. She would always say out thoughtful stuff like that at the drop of a hat. Was she growing up? That could be one way to put it, she thought. Be the mother figure.

Watching the 8-ball, she gave a swallow. That must have been his 'weapon', for a lack of a better word. With a small smile, she reassured Saul, saying "We're not listening to fat man," and pulling out her tamagotchi to show him. "We don't need to kill, and we're not going to die. We run, we hide from players, we find our friends and we find a way out of here."

Holding onto her necklace, she nodded slowly. "We can do this."
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