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is the Soul Machine.
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((Ma'afu Tuigamala continued from The Only Way Is Up))

They had been lost for a while now, not that Maf had said anything. He could tell from the look on Nathan's face when the runner had announced that they would camp out in the tunnel. He could also tell from Nathan's swearing two hours later.

It was dark and it was cold and it was nasty in the damn tunnel, but it kept them out of the way. No sane person would come down this place. Hell, it was probably crawling with bugs. Millipedes and cockroaches and shit.

Maf laughed as he pictured Leila being terrorised by a massive millipede.

Maf had listened out to the announcements earlier in the day, delivered by that bastard with the funny accent who seemed to have fun reading out who had died. Leaving one ear open, Maf didn't really pick up on anyone he was overly familiar with having died, which was cold comfort in this situation. It pained Maf to hear all these people, largely good people, had met their end at the hands of their classmates. At the very least, he and his friends were still alive. And so was Jennifer...as far as he knew...

"Look guys, I think we should stop here for a bit," Nathan offered, his voice lifeless. Maf grunted in agreement. The game was getting to Nathan, Maf could tell - it was getting to all of them. The only person who seemed to not be taking a hit in these conditions was Leila, but it was becoming increasingly clear to Maf that she was generally insane and wasn't to be trusted for a second.

The Fijian slowly lowered himself onto the rugged, damp cave floor. He opened his bag and pulled out his bread, breaking off a few pieces and chewing on them. It was getting close to stale, and he was running out - soon they'd have to find other sources of food. Maf couldn't go without nourishment for too long.

"Hey Maf. I think you should take a look at this." Jason handed Maf a grubby piece of paper. Maf put his bread away, brushing the crumbs off him, and then grabbed his flashlight and the note.


I don't deserve your company but I hope I can still help somehow. I couldn't leave you helpless if someone tried to hurt you. There's nothing left for me but I'll use that, to stamp out everyone else who has lost their humanity so someone who deserves it can come out on top. I'm sure you want nothing to do with this icepick, but every angel needs their flaming sword.


Maf read the note over a few times, allowing it to sink in. Jennifer had come through here; not long ago, it seemed. She was alive. She was alive. A smile crept over Maf's face. It was a fantastic feeling, knowing she was still out there, somewhere, surviving.

The smile was quickly replaced by anxiety as Maf realised what that meant - she was on the island, and she was at risk. This NR was trying to help, but he sounded weird, like the kind of creepy stalker in the accelerated streams who wondered why no girls would date him even though he was their best friends. They needed to find her. As soon as possible.

Maf pushed himself back up onto his feet. He coughed, and then intoned, his voice powerful and authoritative in the acoustics of the tunnel, "We have to go."
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