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Time to Spare
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Sleep had never come easily to Melissa, even when she was back at home in her warm, soft bed. Now here in SotF, sleep remained even more elusive and it was only after shifting in place several times and using her bag as a pillow did she finally feel comfortable enough to actually fall asleep. Breathing softly, her face turned away from the mid-morning sun, she almost could believe that she was on a fun camping trip with her parents and that she and her friends were in no danger whatsoever. A bitter smile crossed her lips as she began to drift off. 'Camping trip...fat chance...'

It seemed like only a moment before there was someone suddenly bellowing in her ears and she quickly sat up in fright. There was a dull pounding in her head and she winced as light struck her bleary eyes. She covered her face with her hands, a tired groan escaping from her lips as she looked up to see the imposing figure of Aislyn McCreery standing in front of her. Feebly trying to rub the sleep sand out of her eyes, she mumbled, "S...Sorry Aislyn, I didn't mean to sleep for so long...it's just that I...No, nevermind."

Yawning again, she got to her feet and began to stretch, taking in a deep breath as she worked out the pains and cramps in her body. Sleeping on the uneven surface of the mountain clearing did nothing for her physical condition and she winced a bit as she heard a particularly loud crack as she bent her arms. Still, once that painful process was finished, Melissa felt almost...normal. Her head was still pounding a bit and she was not looking forward to another trek across the island, but she almost felt giddy. It was a strange feeling, but she didn't feel like questioning it at the moment.

"So um...where are we going to head next?" She offered a quick smile to Aislyn as she slung her bag over her shoulder, walking over to the others to help wake them up. She gave Felicia a shake on the shoulder just to make sure Aislyn's message came through and then headed to Samaya. The short girl looked rather peaceful lying there on the ground and Melissa felt a twinge of jealousy, wishing she had the chance to sleep a bit more. She knelt next to her, giving her a quick shake as she said, "Hey Samaya, wake up, we've gotta go."

She gave Samaya another shake, a slight frown on her face as she saw no reaction. "Hey...wake up. You okay?"

Another shake. Still no reaction. Samaya didn't even seem to be breathing. Melissa's frown deepened and she felt her heart begin to clench in fear. "Hey...uh, Aislyn. I think...I think something's wrong here."

'There's no way she can be dead, right? Yeah, that's silly. It couldn't have been because of some sort of fight. We would have definitely heard it. And there isn't any blood so it's not like it was suicide. Was it? No, no...Samaya was easily the most happy-go-lucky out of all of us. She was goddamn singing for Christ's sake. But I don't see anything...' Melissa thought frantically to herself as she tried to rouse the unconscious girl. She quickly took one of Samaya's arms, hoping beyond all hope that her fears were unfounded and Samaya was just really, really good at pretending to be dead. 'No, this is impossible. No way, no how. She has to be alive...'

But the power of hopes and wishes weren't enough to bring someone back from the dead and after a few seconds of trying to find a pulse, Melissa just gave up, sitting down on the ground with a thump. "No...no way. H...Hey Aislyn, this is just a dream, right? She's...Samaya can't be dead. Maybe I just suck at finding a person's pulse or something. She's just in a really deep sleep. It's...it's not fair, Aislyn. She was laughing...she was talking just a couple of hours ago and now she's dead! And I don't even know why!"

She looked back down at Samaya's peaceful face and decided she hated the other girl for dying like this. Dying in her sleep looking peaceful and happy. Not having to worry anymore about this whole game...about anything at all, really. Samaya didn't have to trek across this dumb island where students and friends were killing each other just because some fat man in a suit told them to. She rubbed her eyes, trying to stop the tears from coming even though she didn't even know why she was crying.

She had barely known Samaya before this whole perverted game came about and even then it was only for a day. And yet here she was, losing all control over herself because one girl, one girl in an island of at least two-hundred seventy people, had died in front of her.

"She died without a reason, too. What a waste. She could have been so much more in this game. So much more for you. But she's gone and shitted her life away and you're left without a foot to stand on. You could have killed her, Melissa. You could have gotten your name out there. Showed the whole world what a Li is capable of. Made your parents proud. But don't worry. There are others out there. Do your best. Rack up those kills."

Melissa froze in shock, squeezing her eyes shut as she tried to ignore the voice. It didn't even sound like her dad anymore. Instead, it was her own voice that was speaking to her. Her own thoughts, to be exact. 'No...nonononono. No, no voices. I'm not going to think like that. I'm not, I'm not, I'm not.'

"Denial, huh? You really like that coping mechanism, huh? Well...don't worry, I'll always be here." Hollow laughter rang in her head.

Without another word, Melissa turned and punched the mountain wall as hard as she could. Pain flared in her right hand and she was certain that she had injured something, but she didn't matter. The pain snapped her out of whatever the hell was happening in her mind right now. Taking in a couple of longer breaths, she turned around to flash Aislyn and Felicia a smile. "Sorry about that...just...trying to get my emotions and mind in order. Let's um...let's just go. I don't...want to stay here anymore."

"You always were weak. That's why you clung to every scrap of praise your parents tossed to you, huh?"
"Oh god dammit, I lost my sense of humor around here. Someone help me find it."


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