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Kyle winced slightly at the damning tone in Ema's voice. It didn't surprise him, but at least she didn't react violently. Hayley was staring ahead, her cigarette burning down slowly. Ema asked another question, quieter, slipping into despair. And a third, quieter still. Hayley finally piped up, explaining herself. It felt weak, and Hayley knew it too, her voice weak and low.

One night. One night before they were wanted people, one night before they were dead men walking. Kyle wasn't sure if Hayley was aware, but he certainly was: Hayley's presence in a group was a danger to everyone in that group. There was a reason why players very rarely traveled in groups. One night. Who could begrudge her that? For his part in it... of course he wasn't going to just tell somebody. Especially if Hayley had specifically avoided saying it. One night. To be with her ex-girlfriend? It was strange that she had said that so... blatantly, especially with Kyle there. He forgave her, of course. How could he not? If she turned to him and said that she still loved Ema, and that she had made a choice, Kyle would.... Well, he would be upset, surely. But still, he would walk away if that was what Hayley wanted. One night....

Hayley had fallen silent. She was shaking a little, probably keeping back tears. Gently, Kyle hugged her slightly. She had said her piece, now it was time for his part.

And he had nothing. What could he say? Sorry for lying to you? Hayley had already said that, what more could Kyle say that would make it better? There was nothing to make this better. This wasn't something that could be fixed by eloquent apologies, or explanations. Kyle could snap at Ema, put her on the defensive, keep her from probing at Hayley... but he wouldn't. Hayley would almost certainly disprove.

For the second time in as many days, Kyle felt absolutely useless. A wave of nausea and fear washed over him, his willfully strong chains bending against the raging of his obsessions. His grip tightened on Hayley's shoulder and he gagged slightly. With some effort, he calmed his unsettling feelings.
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