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((I know it's closed, just wrapping up Winnie so there's no inactivity))

Winnie had no idea what was going on.

She'd been balanced with some difficulty, still light-headed, just before everything had erupted into total chaos. There had been people appearing out of nowhere, and shouting, and suddenly James had been waving a gun around and she'd rather considered fainting again, just so that when she inevitably finally died of shame or a bullet wound she would already be lying down. But the screaming was escalating and no one was making any sense and the second she saw everyone's attention was focused elsewhere, she clutched Thea's shirt around her and ran.

Stumbling through branches and thickets, tearing her skin on thorns, tears of exhaustion and panic clouding her eyes, Winsome Clarke ran for life, not knowing the direction, and no longer caring. All that mattered was getting away, come hell or high water, and she ran on, feet pounding the ground, deeper and deeper into the woods.

((Winsome Clarke continued in Day of the Dove))
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