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((Alex Jackson continued from Cold, Wet, and Tired ))

Alex managed to almost literally retrace her steps and once again found herself in the middle of a leveled forest. She shivered remembering what happened the last time; she’s wandered through this forest. At least it’s not a danger zone, she encouraged herself. And there’s a few places to sit and have that breakfast I wanted. She was scouting around for a good place to finally have breakfast when someone started shouting.


Alex’s curiosity got the better of her and she moved towards the shouting to investigate. What she found was one of her taller classmates shouting at a boy who had decided they all needed to listen to his type of music. As she approached, she realized the boy was Milo Taylor, who she knew only because he drove a wicked Ferrari.

She stopped several feet from the boys trying to figure out the best way to get their attention. She shifted her feet and sent dirt and rocks flying. Smiling to herself, she bent down and picked up a couple. She let them fly, trusting the years of using Roman as target practice to keep her aim true.
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