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((Enter Lucas Lupradio))

What a day. No, more than that, what a week. Everything together, the stress of finals, the thrill of impending graduation, the excitement of the school trip, the mind-wrenching gut-churning fear caused by being captured by terrorists and watching an execution, the stress of hiding, it was all too much. Just too much. Long story short, Lucas Lupradio had nearly had a breakdown. He'd nearly lost his cool, nearly lost himself. Nearly given up.

But, somehow, he'd pulled himself together, persisted, and so he still lived. He'd spent the first two days on the island dodging people, hiding, making his way from inhospitable climate to inaccessible environment in an effort to dodge the dangerous members of his class. He knew there would be some. Knew his relative popularity wouldn't be enough to keep him safe. He'd considered keeping to that strategy, hiding away until the end of the game, waiting everyone out, banking on his outdoors experience and stamina to keep him going.

Problem was, he had a little thing called a conscience, and it had been prodding at him the whole time, telling him he couldn't leave everyone to die, suggesting that he had a greater purpose than saving his own sorry hide. He'd been able to ignore it for two days. Ignore the occaisional gunshots, the couple of loud explosions. The plume of smoke. But, with today's announcement, it had just been too much. Forty people were dead. Forty of Lucas' classmates, gone, never to return. He couldn't stay in hiding after that.

But he couldn't exactly go around and let himself get killed easily, either. No, that wouldn't do well at all. It was why he had made sure to be armed. Strapped to his backpack was his assigned weapon. It was some sort of large, spiky stick thing. Looked fairly useless overall, unless he could keep his opponent at just the right distance.

That was why he was also carrying the Skorpion vz.61 he had found next to the decapitated body of one Dawne Jiang. The gun was heavy. Solid. Terrifying. Just what Lucas needed to keep himself safe. Better still, he'd figured out about how it worked, firing off three shots from the partially-emptied clip earlier on to get a feel for it. After unloading the clip and checking his ammunition, he felt pretty confident in his chances. Still six bullets in the gun. The other weapon on his back for a backup. No, Lucas Lupradio was going to be nobody's easy prey.

He didn't like the thought of killing his classmates, but he'd come to terms with the fact that a few of them had to go. Reiko Ishida. Maxwell Lombardi. Kris Hartmann. Clio Gabriella. Nick Reid. Alex Rasputin. These people had surrendered any right they had to explain themselves by killing multiple times. If Lucas saw any of them, he knew what he had to do. He would, much as it pained him, pull the trigger and blow them away.

Hopefully, it wouldn't come to that. He was at the Greens because it was a recently-vacated danger zone. He'd been lurking nearby, ready to move in. Ready to set up camp. This way, he had the initiative. He had things under contol. He would turn this golf course into his fortress, and anyone not playing could find safety there.

The others... well, he had enough weapons to keep them out. He should probably think of a long term plan eventually, but that had never been his strong suit. For now, he would live in the moment, and this was a damn fine moment to be Lucas Lupradio.

((So, though Lucas is doomed to die, remember that your characters don't know that. Also, remember you can't GM him. Cheers!))
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