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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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You ever get that feeling...

Felicia twitched in her sleep, letting the grass that served as her bed call out in a nice, brushing 'swish' sound. Who didn't like going outside on a nice sunny day, complete with a light but so invigorating breeze, and flopping down on the ground to relax and take a short nap? Felicia usually didn't, preferring to take her alone time in the form of gaming or (secretly) looking at yaoi, but 'outside' was almost all of her options in a place like this. It's also surprising what you'll sleep on when you haven't slept in over a day.

Her dreams had been peaceful, perhaps as a method of Felicia's mind trying to let her recuperate from such trying times as these. In all honesty, she hadn't had a dream like this in... well, maybe a week or so, but that was certainly long enough.

"Edgeworth, I... I honestly don't know where I'm going here."

The spikey headed man in the blue suit leaned against the balcony, looking out to the dusk skyline. "I thought I had it all figured, out, but..."

The other man there with him softly pressed a finger to the blue-suited man's lips.

"... Objection... you think too much, Wright."

They shared a kiss, and somewhere, a sleeping fangirl was squeeing.
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