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To Charlene's relief, Hayley left the area without much fuss, along with Kyle (which was a little disappointing, but otherwise okay). Alex and Madelyn had struck up a conversation about the GPS that Charlene had picked up during their run out of the dangerzone known as The Greens. She wasn't really listening, as her vision had suddenly blurred for a second as she sat down (This wasn't a sign of anything other than exhaustion: She had been up for quite a bit). It was then that Alex spoke up:

"Alright, so, here's the plan: We wait here till tomorrow. We can easily hide out in one of these stalls. Two exits, one at the front with a big opening and a door at the back. Between that and this, we should be able to keep anyone from getting the drop on us." Charlene nodded. The idea of rest was sounding good to her right now, and had she not had a death collar around her neck, she'd have collapsed into a slumber right then and there.

"That is, if you're still with me on trying to get off this damn rock. I mean, look. We're probably going to fail. In fact, I'm pretty much certain of it. If you want to go off on your own, try and make you peace, hell, maybe even play, I'll understand. I can't. I won't ... and I need you. Both of you. One guy on his own crying for peace is a lunatic. Two people, naive optimists. But three? I reckon we just might have a chance with three." In reality, Charlene wasn't really listening to all that. She was with Alex for one main reason: he wasn't trying to kill her. The fact that he didn't seem to be a complete loser (cough, Jonathan Jarocki cough) was a bonus. Of course, she was also looking for her friends: Thea Kairos, Acacia Salinger, Aaron Hicks (no, wait, he had gone to visit some schools down south. Lucky bastard.) - mainly the popular crowd, but Thea and Acacia were the two big ones. She looked around. The sun was already going down. Charlene shook her head, trying to stay relatively awake and alert.

"Yeah. Sounds like a good idea. We can finally get some sleep."
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