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Miranda smiled and looked up at Sarah as she placed a hand on her shoulder. Lily seemed to agree about the place being better, which was definitely good.

And then Miranda jumped slightly as a loudspeaker somewhere above her head crackled to life. She felt Sarah's grip on her shoulder tighten momentarily, most likely a reflex at being surprised by the sudden noise. 'Here we go...' Miranda thought, bracing herself for the previous day's death and carnage that Danya would be cheerfully informing them of.

"Sick bastard, what does he do, get off this kind of stuff?" Miranda muttered, glaring up towards the general direction his voice was coming from. Her eyes widened slightly and she covered her mouth when she heard the tally from day two; 21 deaths. 'Holy crap... that's 40 altogether!' It was shocking that many people had died, and either at the hands of people they should have called their friends, or from the pressure of it all.

Danya started reading off the names of the deceased. Dawne Jiang and Rose Codreanu were first, courtesy of the danger zones. Miranda visibly shuddered upon hearing their fates. She didn't know the pair very well, but collar detonation sounded like a terrible way to go.

Reiko had somehow killed another two people, which really shocked the swimmer. 'Reiko's tiny, how the hell could she have kicked Raina to death?!' Miranda thought, remembering the pair of them back at school. Eva Lancaster was next, but Miranda didn't know her, or her killer. Miranda then made a mental note to avoid anyone with a British accent, thanks to Maxwell's slaughter of two people at practically the same time.

"Who would have thought we went to school with a bunch of psychos?" Miranda spoke to the other girls, her voice trembling slightly. Someone called Frankie had apparently tried to get revenge on a girl called Ericka by trying to kill her. "What the hell is wrong with some of these people?"

The voice from the speakers droned on. "Our number nine kill was one for the highlight reel, and apparently Sarah Atwell thought so too, because she filmed it herself!"

Miranda's eyes widened fully and her jaw dropped as she inhaled sharply. 'Sarah?! B-but she's not dead, she's standing right next to me! What the hell?!'

"Take a bow, Eve Walker-Luther, for your starring role in Sarah's creative masterpiece."

Miranda sat dumbstruck for a few seconds, her mind racing as she tried to process the information she'd just been given. 'No, wait, Eve? What-no, Eve's dead, Sarah told us. So why was Sarah's name included...' And that's when it hit her. Everything came together, and Miranda felt like a class A moron for not seeing it earlier. Why Sarah had turned up covered in copious amounts of blood. Why Sarah couldn't tell them who had killed Eve. It was all because she had killed Eve herself.

"You can't trust anybody," Sarah's word echoed in her mind. The rest of the announcement didn't matter to Miranda anymore. She looked upwards at Sarah, still standing right next to her. A murderer was standing right next to her. A murderer who had spent the past several hours with her and Lily. And the fact she had easily fooled the pair of them, fooled her, that got Miranda's blood boiling.

"What the fuck?!" Miranda screeched, jumping up to her feet and glaring right at Sarah's face.
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