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The two newcomers set to work on the graves. Isaiah was pleased. He hadn't been expecting help at all, really, even with the offer. It was good to see that other people were still holding on to some of the trappings of civility. The two of them (and he recognized the second now, too: Andrew, a fellow sprinter) began working on their hole, leaving Isaiah and the first guy to bury Dougal. Only, the guy starting talking to Dougal, all of a sudden. He was acting like his friend was still alive. Isaiah shot him a concerned look.

Then the boy took off, still talking to Dougal. Talking about getting food. Food? Who could eat at a time like this? And didn't they all have food in their bags?

"Hey, hang on," Isaiah called, but he was too late. The guy was already long gone. He stared off into the distance for a second, wondering if it was worth chasing the other student down. Isiah was a good sprinter. He could definitely catch the other guy, but he felt like he shouldn't. Better not to interfere in his grieving. He'd just have to trust the guy to be safe.

Lord, please watch over him and keep him from harm.

Then he went back to digging. The hole was pretty deep, and he had a head start, so he hoped he'd be able to get done around the same time as Andrew and Adrian.

Things were progressing smoothly, when he realized that another guy had come in somewhere in there, and dropped to the ground. Isaiah frowned, pulling himself out of the hole. It was actually starting to look close to ready. Adrian called out to the guy, seeing if he was hurt. Isaiah walked over to him, trying to figure out what was wrong. It could be a trap, true, but he doubted it. There were too many people gathered here. Treachery would be foolish.

Which meant this boy, who he thought he recognized as Kyle or Kevin or Connor or something like that, needed help.
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