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After several seconds of thought, R.J. had pointed towards a bunch of buildings on the map- the town.

Mary Ann still dreaded a return there- but she shook it off. I'm safe now. She nodded and went towards the bags. R.J. motioned towards the sword she'd been lugging around- "Oh, thank God-" She gladly accepted. "Thanks."

And that was that- everything was ready to see them off... except for one thing. "Wait a sec." Someone was still here... someone she needed to say goodbye to.

She returned to the body she'd found when she arrived- more light and a rational inspection revealed it to be Amber Whimsy. Mary Ann knew of the girl- they'd had a couple classes together junior year- but really, she'd just been a face to her. Either way, Amber clearly hadn't gone peacefully. Dried, brown blood covered her torso, her face still contorted in pain over the wound. Mary Ann's eyes began to swell again- No. No more crying.

If nothing else, she owed Amber peace with this world. Carefully, Mary Ann picked up some soil from the ground next to her and sprinkled it over the wound in her chest, adding more until the blood was no longer visible. "Good luck." Her work was done here. Mary Ann returned to her waiting companion.

"Let's go."

She took his hand and they approached the rising sun- no longer alone, and no longer afraid.

Good luck.

[[Mary Ann Warren and R.J. Lowe continued elsewhere. END OF THREAD.]]
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