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(Ridley Landon, continued from Accidental Acrophobia)

The night had brought more frustration to Ridley than any other time of day in the past 48 hours. Low tree branches scraped against his arms, bushes caught his shoes and made him nearly trip several times, and the complete lack of light had left him blinds for the most part. Even being online at all hours of the night for the past two or three years had not prepared him in the least for an island without any artificial lights at all. While the stars and moonlight covered everything with a silvery hue, nothing had any particular shape or definition to it, leading to his troubles.

As the sun began to rise above the horizon that he couldn't see, his only wish was that Rena had lead him in the right direction. Then again, he couldn't imagine that the guy who took Raine away would have been able to navigate through the night any better than they could.

CRSSHHHKKK-- "Do you kids know what makes Uncle Danya happy?"

Ridley's face went from merely annoyed straight on to pissed the fuck off. "Great, now we have to listen to this joker again."

Dawne Jiang

Rose Codreanu

Tobias Elwin

Raina Morales

So far so good. Wait, good? How is any of this good in any way at all? How fucked up can I--

"Kill number five was none other than Eva Lancaster, with R.J Lowe showing her that it's the quiet ones that you have to watch out for... and their guns.

He froze. The name echoed between his ears even as Danya continued to list off the names of the dead. "What...?" His voice was hardly audible, barely even a whisper of it escaped his lips. Eyes widening and staring ahead at nothing, he continued, "No, no fucking way, she's stronger than that. I would know. I had loved that girl. I wouldn't go out with someone who would just up and die, so why...?"

He began to feel a dampness on his cheeks, and his eyesight began to blur. His teeth clenched, and his brow furrowed as he crashed to his knees. "Ah... Eva... Eva! Fuck!!" Each breath he drew in was ragged, and each exhalation was nothing but a sob. "FUCK!"

"Wait. Don't go yet. We don't know who she's with. We have to think, okay?"

It was Rena, but he couldn't see her with his hands covering his face as if in shame. Then, his eyes opened up wide, and his hands began to search through his pockets for something. "Where is it?" He uttered under his breath. "Get out of the way!" He yelled as he took his gun out of his pocket and threw it to the side so that he could look through that pocket as well. "Damn, it did they take it? I haven't checked everywhere, though, so-- There!"

He held in his hand a tiny mp3 player, no larger than a USB stick. Immediately, he stuck the ear buds into his ears and turned it on, selecting a song from a short list of favorites. As the song filled his ears a nearly maximum volume, he sat on his knees with his eyes closed and his hands over his ears, a long, shallow sigh filtered out of his lungs. To him, it was a familiar song from a game that he had played. There was no meaning to him in listening to it, but it was loud enough to block out everything. Escaping from the world was a thing he often did in school to distract himself from his lowering grades and troubles with bullies. The only solace he had on hand was the tiny little music player. Nothing else mattered-- he only had to get away.

Nothing else matters...

Nevertheless, the tears would not stop.
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