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A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other.
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((Jason Harris continued from The Only Way Is Up))

Jason was tired. He had tried his best to keep the group in good spirits, but after all the walking he could feel himself becoming cranky. There had been much debate about the announcements. Who killed who, what they should do, whether there was any truth to the calls. They had, in effect agreed to keep tabs on both the danger zones and those mentioned in the announcement and Jason had scrawled a short list of those both dead or killing others in his notebook and he encouraged the others to do the same. Rations were split and everyone kept their eyes and ears open for others that might of passed.

An air of nervousness had swept around the boy since Leila had joined them. Guys he could understand but girls were inscrutable to him. They would play mind games flitting back and forth from flirty to cold without any apparent rhyme or reason. They were natural social engineers and Jason begrudged them a little for it. All his hard work and he simply couldn't compare. Still Leila was in another way a comfort. She possessed that girl smell that all girls did which seemed to calm him outwardly and Jason got to feel that feeling of trepidation every time they accidentally bumped or she giggled slightly at a lame joke he made. He wasn't in love by any stretch, but it was nice to have someone of female persuasion around none the less.

Brook had significantly calmed down and although he seemed to jump at every shadow his face retained what could only been seen as a quiet look of determination. For what, Jason could not say but he was glad Brook had resolved to do something. The only time the facade had broken was when the announcements came across, not once but twice. Brook had listened intently for mention of Tiffany and when they did not come he visibly relaxed.

Maf too seemed to keep an ear out for his girl. Jennifer, if Jason remembered correctly. The gentle giant kept his emotions a little closer to heart though and seemed to move forward with a quiet resignation. You could see the cogs whirring behind his eyes as if he was analysing every situation but any further than that the man was inscrutable, stoic, determined.

Nathan had done his best too, finding the tunnel system then leading them onwards. Jason was sure they were lost but didn't say anything. He couldn't risk the group squabbling. As long as they were safe there was no major problems. He could see Nathan was reaching his limit and a rest would calm everyone. A sleep even more. They would have to set up watches, but with only two directions that shouldn't be too hard. He trusted everyone here implicitly, barring Leila, who he had decided would not take a watch and would be carefully watched by whoever was.

Sliding down the smooth rock face Jason nodded. "Good idea Nath. I think we need a little rest, well I do at least." He paused for a second his hand closing around something thin. A piece of paper. Flicking his torch back on his eyes widened. "Hey Maf. I think you should take a look at this." Holding his hand out he handed the paper to the Fijian.


I don't deserve your company but I hope I can still help somehow. I couldn't leave you helpless if someone tried to hurt you. There's nothing left for me but I'll use that, to stamp out everyone else who has lost their humanity so someone who deserves it can come out on top. I'm sure you want nothing to do with this icepick, but every angel needs their flaming sword.


"I think Jennifer came past here and..." Jason sniffed for a second. "do you smell something rotting?"
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