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((Sorry for the lack of posting and messing up the order. Is it cool if I jump in here?))

Well, it turns out that they were burying the bodies. This actually seemed like an interesting idea to Adrian. It hadn't really crossed his mind to do something like that, but it did seem like a nice thought to give all of these doomed students a proper burial. "Maybe I should head back later and see if I can bury Paige..." Adrian thought to himself.

Then, one of the two students digging, Isaiah, he thought, told him he could help by digging a grave for the other body. "Sure." was all Adrian said before he stepped over to where the corpse was lain. He tried his best to pay no mind to it, but seeing someone you once interacted with dead didn't really leave one with a pleasant feeling of any kind. He began attempting to dig a hole in the sand. He silently assisted a student who he remembered as Andrew in his digging, since in seemed that they both could use some help with this.

After a few minutes of doing that, Adrian caught the sound of someone collapsing on the sand, followed by some incoherent mumbling. Adrian resisted an urge to immediately run over to assist him, given what happened the last time he did that, and simply called out to him. "Hey. Are you hurt?"
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