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((Aislyn's movements approved by BetaKnight))

Samaya looked over and smiled as Melissa and Felicia took her up on her offer. She took her guard duties seriously and began walking the edge of the clearing. Glancing over after a couple of laps around the clearning, she discovered that Melissa and Felicia were still asleep and Aislyn had begun work on the stick. What she was doing, Samaya couldn’t tell from the far side of the clearing. She continued her circle around weaving in and out of the woods.

She took another step forward and was pulled to a stop. Twisting she discovered her bag had snagged on a low branch. She shrugged it off, which caused most of the contents to empty onto the forest floor, the bag still hanging from the branch. With a loud sigh, she freed the bag and then dropped to her knees to pick up her belongings. She reached out her arm for a wayward shoe and something flashed out of the undergrowth and bit her on the arm.

She scrambled away from whatever it was, in time to see a snake slither away from her. She cursed and looked around for the first aid kit that was still on the ground. She wrapped her arm and then finished picking up her bag. She stood and swayed on her feet, resting a hand on a nearby tree to steady herself. She shook her head to try and clear it and made her way across the clearing to Aislyn.

“Hey, I don’t feel so good all of a sudden,” Samaya told her, sinking down into the grass next to her. She found herself looking up at the clear sky and wondered how she’d ended on her back. Her vision began to darken around the edges and the more she blinked and struggled to stay away the harder it became. Finally, she decided a nap might just be what she needed.

She closed her eyes and fell asleep, several minutes later the poison that was slowly working it’s way through her system took full effect, shutting down her vital organs.

Samaya Boen-Hilstrand deceased.
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