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It was bad luck that Dominic was moving forward at the exact moment Alexander lashed out, worse luck that he was staring beseechingly at the other boy's face, unable to understand the anger he was hearing. This wasn't like Phil. This couldn't be like Phil...

The blow caught him high on the cheekbone, momentum and the loss of balance caused by exhaustion and dehydration sending him hard to the forest floor. His head snapped back, bounced off the ground, making tears spring to his eyes as he yelped and scuttled backwards. What the...he didn't understand. Why had Alex hit him? That made no sense - at least with Phil, there was something of a reason, he knew it was simply a part of what Phil was like, could understand the circumstances, but here Alex had been soothing. Calming. A friend.

Had it been a trap all along?

He pulled himself warily to his feet and inched forwards again, hands held out to his sides. As real as it gets. The bloody faces of Abigail, Tiffany, Phil Ward with teeth like a shark, Dominic's own face grinning at him. This was the game. Kill or be killed. But he hadn't thought anyone would play it. People couldn't. They wouldn't...

He moved towards Alex, faster this time, grasping for him.


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