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(Rena Peters continued from Accidental Acrophobia)

Rena was by no means an excellent, or even a mediocre tracker, but following Raine and the other kid...Jason? hadn't been too hard. As the sunlight faded, however, Rena couldn't help but wonder where exactly they were going. She hadn't taken out a map, because she and Ridley were already far enough behind the other two as it was. She watched the land around them change, and a creeping sensation etched it's way into her mind that maybe, just maybe this hadn't been the best idea she'd ever had.

She was considering turning back to Ridley and telling him that she was uncertain. She almost did it too, before she remembered her promise. He'd helped her, now she was going to help him. Even if it meant following complete strangers across an island.

Her mind wandered away from the path her feet were on, as she dimly wondered what would happen when they actually found Raine. What if Raine didn't want Rena around? What if Ridley had tired of Rena? What if they didn't get along? Rena couldn't stomach the thought that the person she'd tried so hard to find would alienate her and leave her completely alone in this game. What would happen if she was alone?

Her thoughts were interrupted by a sickening crackle. What the-?

"Ladies and gentlemen of Bayview secondary school. You are making me a very happy man indeed. Not content with your fantastic showing across day one, you decided to not only match but exceed yourselves! The second day of our little competition saw twenty-one students bite the dust, buy the farm and shuffle off their mortal coils! Kids... my hat is off to you."

The first thought that hit her was that she had lived to see another day. Her heart leaped up, and she could practically feel the smile spread across her lips. She'd see another morning.

Then the smile came crashing down when the rest of the speech hit her. 21. 21 dead. 21 students who wouldn't see another morning. Her stomach flipped, her heart skipped, and her mind stopped. 19 the first day, 21 the second...40 students gone in two days. How was it possible? How could life just end like that? How could people be here one day and gone the next? It didn't make sense. How? How?

The first few names flew by, people who Rena only sort-of knew the names of, and people who had never even existed inside her world. Until now...

One name hit her. "Kill number five was none other than Eva Lancaster, with R.J Lowe showing her that it's the quiet ones that you have to watch out for... and their guns." Eva Lancaster? Why did that sound familiar? Eva Lancaster... Wait. Hadn't Ridley mentioned an Eva? Was it this one? She was going to turn to look at him, to ask him, but the names didn't stop.

Eve Walker-Luther? Her heart dropped into her stomach. The girl with the baby. A baby was going to be motherless because some monster thought it would be funny to play this game. Was this really the world she lived in? Was this the world she was going to die in?

The killer sounded familiar too. Sarah Atwell. The girl who did the end of the year video. She was a killer now? Rena hadn't known her too well, as they'd only talked for a few minutes, but...wasn't she in one of Rena's classes? Why couldn't she remember? It had only been a few days since these victims and killers had sat in classes with her, ate lunch next to her, said "hi" in the hallways to her...but it felt like years ago. Her life had become this game, and only this game. Survival of the Fittest was all that was left. Her stomach somersaulted.

Danger Zones. The Infirmary, the Mansion, the Key. Where were they? Rena fished out her map, suddenly wishing that she had paid better attention to where they were going. "Ridley, I don't know where we are, I think-"

"So, does anyone here have an idea of what to do?" Who was that? It wasn't anyone who'd been in the Woods with them. Had she followed strangers?

"Jason! Ridley! Ridley!" Now that was a recognizable voice. Raine. Ridley's Raine. They'd found her.

But who was she with? Were they friendly? Was someone going to scream psycho and run like last time? Life or death. Take no chances.

Rena turned to face Ridley, hoping to catch him before he did something stupid.

"Wait. Don't go yet. We don't know who she's with. We have to think, okay?"

Rena had made a promise. She was going to keep it. Even if it killed her.

But that didn't mean she wanted it to kill her.
It's hard to get ahead when half your friends are dead!

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