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As the other girl (dammit, Rosa still couldn't place her name and it was on the tip of her tongue) emerged from behind the tree, Rosa got a slight sense of her being a little unsettled. Perhaps it was because the girl wasn't sure of Rosa's motive, perhaps it was because of the switching up of Rosa's attire. Either way, Rosa wasn't much interested, since A was just common sense, whilst B somewhat superfluous. As the brunette approached, in fact, the Fiametta was far more concerned about making sure her outfit was in place. She was certainly showing a lot of skin, although that was the point. Hopefully there wouldn't be any cool breezes at inopportune moments, though....

Soon enough, the other girl introduced herself. Madelaine (good thing Rosa hadn't hazarded a guess, her thought was 'Natalie'). She said she wasn't playing, which seemed to Rosa to be pretty much a given. Anybody introducing themselves AS a player was either an utter psycho or ridiculously confident. Words were just air, lying was easy. God knew Rosa had done it enough times in her life to be sure of that... In response, Rosa inclined her head slightly.

"Rosa. Fiametta. I'm not playing, just searching," Rosa gave Madelaine a slightly hopeful look. "Don't suppose you happen to have seen my brother or sister, have you?"

As she spoke, Rosa's brow furrowed. If her internal clock was right, morning of the third day on this island was quickly approaching. Soon enough, the announcements would be along. Perhaps it would be worthwhile recording the killers, maybe the dead, too, although that was less of a priority. It would be good to have a list of people to watch out for, though Rosa already had a few names of students she'd run for the hills if she saw. Mostly, of course, the worry was simple. What if the announcements came on, and one of the names called out belonged to one of her triplets? Another day gone by, another slew of chances for either Frankie or Ily to be killed...

Whilst awaiting Madelaine's reply, Rosa went back over to her pack, intending on rummaging through it to locate something to write down the information which she knew would soon be forthcoming. Bending over to the bag, the Fiametta couldn't help but smirk when she felt her skirt ride up the back of her legs. That was what it was there for, of course... although Madelaine probably wasn't the type to appreciate the view-

Rosa mentally slapped herself. Really, Rosa? If she can see it, then pretty much the world can. Think people will be interested to know you go in for hot pink for the underwear? Urgh. Such an idiot...
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