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Janet watched the observer run off, then stood. She casually hooked the shoulder strap of her daypack with the stick, leaning it over her shoulder as she turned to the other girl.

"You caught me in a good mood. I'm not going to pursue you, or try and kill you. There is nothing in it for me- I at least still have that much humanity left. Good day."

And with that, Janet turned and set off at a light jog. She didn't know where she was going, although she would have to be wary of Danger Zones. And other players. But danger zones were a more pressing danger, as she would get no warning if she set foot in one. Just a popping sound, and then sweet death.

That would not be conducive to her plans.

((Janet Binachi continued in The Various Downsides Of Becoming "Paranoid as Balls".))
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