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Hayley's exclamation of disbelief in Kyle's lack of tiredness was met with a shrug. The explanation of why he wasn't tired would be one he would not tell, due to it involving secrets kept from Ema. He walked up the beach to where he had dumped his stuff and pulled his shirt back on. It stuck to his wet skin, making him itch slightly. His pants were covered in sand. It was strange- he couldn't think of how it had happened. Perhaps his walking kicked sand up onto his pants, where it stuck. The stuff was pervasive- Kyle was certain his daypack had been closed, and yet when he sought his water inside, there was sand at the bottom. If he were more philosophically inclined, he would muse on the similarities between sand and... something... else. Whatever.

While Ema and Hayley were setting up their sleeping arrangements (Kyle bristled slightly at Hayley's casual suggestion that she and Ema lie together- it was an uncommon display of jealousy, and he mentally crushed it before it could continue), Kyle gathered Hayley's blood covered dress and sword. The sword he wiped off (using, as it was the only thing close to hand, Hayley's dress) and placed by his supplies, while he placed the dress at the bottom of his bag. It was rolled up unceremoniously and without care- the dress was probably ruined anyway. He picked his knife up from where it lay, knocking the sand off gently before placing it in his pocket, then transported his and Hayley's supplies up to the small campsite. He leaned the sword against a rock, then leaned against the same rock, the sword close to hand. It was a far more useful weapon than his own knife. Out of deference to the third wheel, Kyle did not give Hayley a good night kiss. No need to make Ema uncomfortable.

There would be enough discomfort in the morning- with two nights gone past without sleeping, Kyle would be reaching the limits of his energy the next day. He was fortunate to be well hydrated from daily life, and he had rationed his water carefully to keep himself feeling hydrated, but hydration only did so much for energy before sleep deprivation destroyed that bonus. And the announcements, just a few short hours away.... Hayley's name would be among those called out, the players and the played. If Kyle were Alex and the others, he would probably not want Hayley with them after that announcement; it made them seem dangerous, which would certainly get them hurt.

Time would tell.
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