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((Owen Rothschild continued from Feeling Kind of Anxious))

Owen found himself wandering for a long time. He'd gotten tired on his way to town and climbed up a tree to sleep. Time was already starting to lose meaning for him. He reached the town center and smiled. He'd arrived. He could explore the businesses later. First he'd see what he could loot out of the houses.

Something caught his eye before he could start touring the houses. Something huge. Not the fountain. Near it though.

"Craig..." Owen said in a rasp that he hadn't known before. He suddenly realized that he was very thirsty. He still had some water of his own, as well as whatever was in the bag he'd picked up. He hadn't actually looked in it yet. Once he got inside maybe. He opened his own bag and pulled out a bottle. He wrapped his tiny hands around it and drank deeply. When he was satisfied, he returned it and slowly made his way across the center, his eyes on the giant of a boy, not seeing anybody else.


Then something got the better of him. He needed to get out of the town square. It was too open. Owen turned and quickly set off for the town proper, hoping to scavenge, or at least get a chance to look through the bag he'd picked up.

((Owen Rothschild continued in Where Do You Go From Here?))
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