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(Jacqueline "Jackie" Maxwell, continued from Take, Eat)

The night had been particularly hard on Jackie, what with the constant threat of death that surrounded her. The fact that Belle, someone whom she recalled to be usually calm and collected on campus, started a fight did not exactly help her confidence, either. If even someone like that was able to simply fly off the handle like that just because of some stupid grudge, then Jackie was in deeper trouble than she had ever anticipated. Then again, she should have guessed that that would be the case with the whole "only one student survives" mantra that Danya kept barking about.

After her terrible night's sleep and some more wading through the swamp with Maddy and Belle, the PA system came on with a crackle of static. "Speak of the devil," Jackie said with poison filling her voice.

At some point, a girl named Rose was called. Rose? Wasn't the first girl I saw on the island named Rose? A wave of cold pierced through her chest. "N-no way. Aren't there tons of girls named Rose at school? Yeah! There's no way that it's the same one. Yeah..."

Shaking that out of her thoughts, she continued to follow Maddy, wherever she was going. After running into someone new (several someones, actually) Jackie was surprised that the other girl simply walked up to someone and sat down next to him. "I guess... he's okay...?" Once they began to speak with each other with such familiarity, she let out a sigh. "Good. I'll let you guys talk."

She walked off to give them their space, making sure to stay within earshot at all times in case something happened. After weaving through the trees for a minute or two, none other than Belle stood before her. The martial artist looked surprisingly unharmed from the fight, the muddy swamp water notwithstanding. A little scared of what might happen if she didn't say anything, she spoke first. "So... You and Garrett really had it out for each other. Do you mind if I ask why?" It was a terrible topic to bring up, but other than that, Jackie had nothing else at that moment. She did her best not to make eye contact, and instead elected to simply look away as she spoke with Belle.
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