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You know, this is going almost well. In a really fucking awkward kind of way.

Hayley had to resist a literal sigh of relief when Ema didn't question the reasoning behind her actions, or why she just didn't put her old clothes back on, or any of that fun-to-explain stuff. The other girl was...quiet, too quiet, almost as though she had thought through the possible reasons of Hayley's awkwardness and general failure at lying and had simply decided she didn't want to know, or just didn't really care.

Yeah, Ema's smart, she's gonna know something's up, but...

But tomorrow she'll know for sure. She won't trust you.

She won't trust me if I tell her now! How the fuck do you think she's gonna sleep if she finds out now that I killed someone?!

Think she'd rather find out now from you, or tomorrow from Danya?

She couldn't respond to that, even mentally. There was no answer.

"You could borrow some of mine until then... if you want, that is, I mean...yeah."

Hayley blinked. There's a distraction if I've ever heard one.

"You brought your clothes with you...? Damn, girly, you must be exhausted. I left all my crap back at the hut, didn't want to carry around more than I had to..."

The phrase more than I had to made her remember her backpack. Remembering her backpack made her remember her bread. Remembering her bread reminded her that she was still really really hungry, but since her bag was with her bloody sword and dress- hell, it was bloody itself- she decided against it. Best to ignore her hunger for now. It could wait until morning.

"I think I'm alright for now. Maybe in the morning?" She decided to leave out the fact that she normally slept naked. Ema was tomato-like enough as it was.

"If we do sleep here, I'll keep watch. I'm not tired."

Hayley looked over at Kyle in surprise. "How are you not tired?! We've already been up for like. Probably thirty-something hours now? Unless you slept on the first night, cause I know I didn't." Despite her shock, Hayley was not one to look a gift horse in the mouth. No use complaining at extra sleep. I'm SOOO tired. There's no way it's earlier than, like, midnight right now- though she had no way of knowing it, she was about right in her estimation- and if I'm gonna not pass out tomorrow I need to sleep.

Hope Kyle will be okay, though...

She followed Ema over to what was apparently their chosen campsite, which did, admittedly, look pretty comfortable. Hayley was about to complain that she didn't particularly want to sleep in dirt- she had just washed, after all- when Ema produced a blanket and towel. "You might want those," Ema said, yawning, prompting Hayley to yawn as well. She smiled appreciatively, spreading the towel out on the ground and curling up on top of it, getting cozy under the blanket. Oh man, I'm gonna sleep like a baby. But then, frowning suddenly, she looked up at Ema.

"You can fit too, right? Come on, it's so comfortable. I can't even."
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