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Oh my god you guys The Riz killed Cara what do!?
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"Yeah, er, I thought you two had met? Uhm, Ema, this is Kyle...my boyfriend. Kyle, this is Ema, my best friend."

She thought they'd met? Unlikely. For all Ema could recall, the only times she'd even heard mention of Kyle was vicariously through Hayley, and decidedly vaguely at that. As if she didn't want anyone knowing who she was with... or rather, she didn't want someone knowing. Thinking about it, and factoring in just how awkward the situation was right then, Ema couldn't blame Hayley for trying (and succeeding until then) to keep her and Kyle apart. Deceptive, definately, but for the best? More than likely. Off the island, who knows how a meeting like this would have gone?

The other part that Ema picked up on was her own designated title. Not ex-girlfriend, as she'd established already, but best friend. Best friend? It had taken everything Madelyn had to get the two of them to be anything more than civil to one another, so now they were best friends? But, as with before, Ema began to understand. Kyle didn't know her, much better to let him go on not knowing the pair's less-than-pleasant history, and pretend they'd always been on the friendly terms they were currently. Either way, she was pleased by the promotion.

"So, like, I've been looking for you with Maddy this whole time! I got really fucking lucky...

Well this wasn't uncomfortable at all. Certainly not. The sheer awkwardness definately had nothing to do with Hayley non-stop monologueing, nor anything to do with Ema's absolute silence the whole time, despite the desire to speak up, many times.

...because I wanted to wash up. Can't be all gross just because people getting all stab-happy, right?"

Even Ema felt out of breath after that. It had certainly been one hell of a long sentence, probably longer than the sum of everything she'd said on the island herself, so far. Odd thing to come to mind, really. Regardless, in Hayley's haste, most of the information had gone right over Ema's head, amounting to a list of places and names that didn't mean much to her. The only thing that really registered was Madelyn's name, as, besides Hayley, Maddy was probably the only other person Ema considered trusting on faith alone. She almost asked where her other friend was, but quickly realised Hayley was hardly going to bring the whole group along to watch her washing. The other thing she almost asked was why it had been so important to wash off right away, without any clothes to change in to, but Ema decided against that as well. Maybe it was personal.

"So...yeah, we're all clean now. I figure we're all in desperate need of sleep, and here seems like a good place, so... Assuming you want to stay. Uhm...please stay? I...don't want to lose you again. We could take shifts, make sure we all get at least a little sleep. We're meeting up with Maddy and Alex and Charlene at the groundskeeper's hut in the morning. I left all my clothes there, so I can get some new ones..."

Broken up by uncomfortably silent pauses, but still comparably long, Ema waited until the end of Hayley's diatribe to offer "You could borrow some of mine until then... if you want, that is, I mean..." she stopped herself there, not wanting to go off on a tangent about sharing clothes, and simply ended with "...yeah." But wait... what had she been wearing before getting into the water? Surely putting dirty clothes back on was preferable to nothing at all, particularly at night? It didn't really make sense to Ema, but she reasoned to herself "Don't sweat it, you're tired, just sleep and think about this tomorrow. Probably a good reason for it.". Good old inner dialogue, so wise and helpful.

"If we do sleep here, I'll keep watch. I'm not tired."

Ema nodded. She hadn't gotten any decent sleep for over twenty four hours, and the mention of sleep had started tiredness washing over the girl's mind. Her eyes were already feeling heavy, rightly so, and she certainly wasn't about to argue with Kyle if he was offering her a longer rest.

"...I'm sorry about all this, by the way, I...wasn't exactly expecting company."

She nodded to that as well, shrugging her camping luggage off of her shoulder and into her hands. Walking off towards the patch of trees she'd arrived at - rather inviting with it's soft, loamy soil and shady canopy - she dug down to the bottom of the main compartment, producing a towel bearing the Irish flag (a slightly embarrassing gift from her parents that she'd actually grown rather proud of, over the years), and a soft black blanket. She offered both to Hayley, with a rather yawn-ridden "You might want those."
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