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N-Nopony! Ah was talkin' to nopony whatsoever!
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And as she was so carelessly leaning over the small ledge that separated her cliff from there, she heard a voice coming from yet another path down below that she hadn't even considered. What was worse was that he was staring directly at her. At all of them. He was waving, running up the hill like he was just greeting a couple of friends from school, shouting as if he hadn't seen hardship yet on the island.

Seriously? You're going to get yourself killed! Attract attention to yourself, hell, nice job attracting attention to the rest of us.

In an instant her head shot back down as she scooted backwards on the cliff, trying to make herself as small as possible. If she became involved in the exchange going on below... Well, honestly she didn't want to think about it. She was a killer. And killers couldn't have nice things in any sense of the idea. That's why she was here in the first place. She needed to find a nice secluded spot to try and atone and repent for what she had done in the eyes of whatever cosmic powers that were. And then she needed to wait for death.

She waited for a few moments, only granted company by the sound of her breathing and the footsteps of the newcomer as he tromped up the pathway. Closer and closer with each step. However thankfully, he seemed to ignore Jackie for the time being. Maybe he didn't see me? Either way, it was a breath of fresh air. The silence didn't last long however, as one of the original pair piped up, trying to be tough. Trying to intimidate the other.

He has no idea what it's really like... Wouldn't be so cocky; if only he knew...

But just like that, he was gone. The boy, without even waiting for a response, just told tiffany he had to leave and scampered off, her apparently drowsy hand now holding the weapon. It was just like he had gone. "Who goes there? I don't wanna die, you deal with it princess!" Passing the buck, giving up the responsibility. If this were another time, Jackie would at least feel a little bit resentful towards him. As logical and cold as she was, she still had a heart before this whole ordeal. It makes sense, even on an evolutionary and biological level to follow through on a promise; implied or not. And it was exemplified in the game they were now stuck in. Follow through on your promises that mean little now, gain trust, gain allies, survive for longer. The same strategy their ancestors used, just applied in a different way. However now, she didn't deserve to judge. She had just taken a life. And with that comes a heavy burden. She was the worst kind of monster, how could she condemn or commend any action done by any other human being? Even those on the announcements who have killed more than her... She couldn't bring herself to believe that anyone on the island but her could have possibly killed in cold blood. Even Reiko, who had apparently killed four people... No high school student was that much of a monster. No one but her, that is.

And then the memory flashed back in her mind again like lightning. Quick images, fleeting sounds. The sound of the hacksaw hitting flesh, the memory of that one phrase that her broken, insane mind had conjured in less than a nanosecond. The scene of Maria's dead body, hair and blood almost floating in circles around her, signifying twin halos to prove exactly what her fate entailed. A sob escaped the girls lips as these images, smells, sounds, and feelings continued to flash through her conscious mind far beyond her control. As if watching the most violent slide-show ever put together by mankind, she was strapped to the chair, forced to watch the deeds she had committed; throwing caution and heed for her surroundings to the wind as she lost control and composure for the umpteenth time that day.
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