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((Marty J. Lovett continued from Conquistador))

To put it bluntly, Marty hated the sea. He hated the smell of it, the taste of it, the way the salt water always stung his eyes whenever he tried swimming in it. He hated all the unforgiving sealife that resided within it (Especially jellyfish... God forbid, he despised those tendrilled abominations with a passion). Come to think of it, the only NICE thing about being by the sea whatsoever was the beach. And even then, Marty still complained about sand getting in his shoes all the time...

So Marty wasn't exactly ecstatic when he found himself sleeping on a beach for two nights in a row.

After he'd fled from that psychopath infested hellhole, he quickly found himself standing on a sandy beach facing a seemingly endless ocean. A sight that only served to remind Marty of just how far away from home he really was. However, rather then mope around, he decided that it'd probably be best to find a decent spot to set up the tent he'd been lucky enough to have as his assigned "weapon". It took him an hour or so, but he eventually found a good spot. A nice little space tucked neatly amongst a pile of rocks. After making his decision to set-up camp, he quickly unzipped his bag and went about setting up the tent...

...Which as it turned out, was a helluva lot harder then it looked. Even with the Manuel there to help him, it still took him three whole hours before he finally managed to finish setting the damn thing up. And even then, it wasn't exactly the sturdiest tent he'd ever seen in his life. To make matters worse, as he'd taken it out of his plastic package he realised that the fecking thing was coloured pink of all things! Sure, it had a nice camo pattern and everything, but it didn't change the fact that he was now taking refuge in a bright pink tent!

Well, luckily for Marty, nothing happened for the first day or so. He'd mostly spent the day inside, occasionally leaving for a minute or so to get some fresh air. For the most part, he spent his time reading the copy of Ronin by Frank Miller that he's decided to bring along with him. A comic which he'd quickly become sick of after reading it for the fifth time in a row... Sigh, If Joshua was here he'd be able to cheer me up... God, I hope he's okay ought there.

He'd become somewhat paranoid for Joshua's safety ever since he heard Daniel Vaughan's name mentioned on the announcement. He didn't know that much about Daniel himself... The guy was more Joshua's friend then his in lots of respects. But even so, hearing his name mentioned was quite a shock. He was always so... Well, friendly. Dumb as a rock, but otherwise a pretty nice guy. So hearing that he'd been burnt to death was very disconcerting for the nervous boy.

Eventually, the second announcement started up, announcing the fate of another load people he'd once known in class. 21 this time... Thankfully, none of them were people he knew personally. Although that didn't make it any less stressful One of these days, he'd starting hearing the names of people he cared about. People like Joshua, or Carol, or... He didn't want to think about it. He was safe, that's all that mattered to him right now. Safe and hidden away from all the insanity that was going on around him. As long as he stayed here, as far away from the rest of those psychopaths as humanely possible, then he'd be safe.

At least, he ASSUMED he was safe anyway...
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