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At first, Gary had troubles seeing anything thanks to his eyesight. Then, he had troubles hearing what people were talking thanks to the distance. Finally he had troubles BELIEVING, in what he actually managed to hear.

"...ly shoult................ You couldt drav atte... nd vid dat voice."

"Oh my God..."

Gary could've recognize that thick German accent anywhere. Rein. For sure, that's got to be him. Gary feared he won't have a chance to meet him again, before some bloodthirsty student will end either his life, and now... Just like that, he was there. Rein Bumgarner. Someone, who changed Gary's life for better. Someone, who shared Gary's best memories. Someone, who's life was saved a few times by Gary and vice versa. Someone, who was the only person, Gareth Griffith could really put his trust into. Someone, who was his best frie-



Gary closed his eyes as the explosion blinded him for a moment. As his sight came back, he looked again at the group in the distance. Even from that far, he could see one shape missing and lots of scattered... Human body parts. Suddenly, Gareth felt like puking, and so he did. After returning some of the bread and crackers, Gary grabbed the water bottle from his daypack and began to drink it greedily to kill an awful taste in his mouth. A mistake, since too much of the liquid trying to force it's way toward the stomach, managed to cause an another vomit attack.

After calming down a bit, and this time rationally drinking the water, Gary looked again at the group. What happened? What caused that explosion? It couldn't possibly meant that Rein...

And if?

What if Rein and his group was responsible? After all, he already encountered two people with murderous intent. They were a high school students just like everyone else, and they were probably someone's best friends as well, and yet they wanted to kill Gary. So what could've stop Rein from giving in, like Nick and Teo?

Nothing. That was the worst part.

No, I refuse to believe in that. He didn't do it. I'm sure of it, and I'm going to prove it...

And there was only one way to prove it. Gareth Griffith, who only used his cowardice and over-carefulness to escape from danger so far, decided to do the most reckless thing possible - approach the group, which could be responsible for the death of... Whoever that, now unrecognizable, person was.

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