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((Nathan Choultard continued from The Only Way Is Up))

"I fucking hate this place."

There was yet another reason as to why Nathan was not meant to be the leader of anything. He had no sense of direction and was instantly regretting the decision to make camp deep in these tunnels to avoid anyone willing to play the game and take them all out. For a whole day he plus his fellow friends and the newly acquired Leila Langford had wandered in these caves.

The caves were wonderful in providing shelter, but that was all they were good for. Nathan was now cold and his feet were damp from stepping in a puddle of water. There was an announcement earlier in the day, similar to the one that happened the day before it. Forty people had died...forty of his classmates. If the cold and wet weren't enough to do it, that brutal fact made him feel worse.

Jason had been doing his best to keep the others calm, particularly Leila and Brook. Brook had struggled with nerves in the first day, but seemed to be improving as time went on, much to his relief. Leila was rather new to their group dynamic and as such Nathan wasn't sure how she was handling it. He hoped that she would be fine, but he wasn't expecting much. Maf; however, was always a mystery in trying to read, Nathan believed that the man would make a great poker player, if they weren't stuck here.

The only positive that could be found now was the fact that over the two days, Nathan's eyes became more accustomed to the dark now. He was able to better navigate through the crags and the stalagmites that occasionally popped out in the tunnels. He could see his friends and was happy that they were still here at least. They hadn't abandoned him yet.

He found himself stopping and turning to his friends, frowning.

"Look guys, I think we should stop here for a bit," he said, sitting down on a nearby rock, "We've been walking for hours and...well, I'm getting tired..."

He wanted to apologize for getting them lost, but he didn't want to deal with their disapproval, he was fully expecting it. But he had enough of that at home and he didn't want to have to deal with that now.
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