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Hayley managed- somehow- to hold back her laughter at the color Ema's face was slowly turning. Pfft...she's starting to match her hair, I swear to god...Still, like, I guess it makes sense. We dated for like two months and we never got anywhere near this and now we're on a fucking island trying to kill each other and I'm like. Naked. But...like...it's so funny... Somehow, though, she managed to stuff it, keeping her visible amusement limited to a small smile on her face. She opened her mouth to speak, but then-

"Who's your friend?"

Oh yeah, this isn't going to be awkward at all.

Hayley looked beside her, and yep, there was Kyle, all tall and shirtless and wet and sexy as hell. Not that that's gonna do me any favors right now...urgh. This is some Degrassi bullshit right here.

"I'm Ema, we, err.. Hayley and I used to, uh... we used to date, last year, actually..."


"Yeah, er, I thought you two had met?" Lies lies lies. Hayley knew damn well the two had never met, hell, she'd made a point of ensuring the two never crossed paths. The sure to ensue drama had steered her away from trying, not that that was working out particularly well for her now. "Uhm, Ema, this is Kyle...my boyfriend. Kyle, this is Ema, my best friend." She put some emphasis on the best friend bit in order to not linger on this whole boyfriend-meets-ex-girlfriend awkwardness, not that she expected that ploy to do much.

She turned back to Ema specifically, given that Kyle was fully caught up on the events-at-hand.

"So, like, I've been looking for you with Maddy this whole time! I got really fucking lucky and woke up by the groundskeeper's hut and Maddy was RIGHT THERE and we were just all, like, oh shit, let us go forth and adventure and find us some Ema Ryan! And some other people, obviously, and we ended up running into Alex...you know Alex? Alex Campbell? We ran into him down at the greens, and he was with this girl Charlene and this guy Jon, but he was being a dick, so he left-" she realized she was probably putting in too much detail as it was and so left out the shooting- "and then the greens turned into a dangerzone so we were like ohhh shit and we ended up at the fun fair, which was, for the record, in no way fun, and that's where we found Kyle, and then-"

Fuck. The run-on sentence cut off as Hayley took a breath and realized she'd forgotten that she was going to have to tell big fucking lies here. She'd just found Ema, she didn't want to scare her off already. Lies of omission are still lies but...eh. Oh well. Truth's all gonna come out in the morning anyway.

"...and then we were going to stay there for the night, but I wanted to go off on my own, and Kyle wanted to come with. So we came here because...because I wanted to wash up. Can't be all gross just because people getting all stab-happy, right?"

She grinned a fake, fake grin. Better to have her think that I came out here to fuck my boyfriend than to have her think I'm a murderer.

She's going to know in the morning either way.

Whatever. Give me a couple of hours of peace. Enough to sleep, maybe, that would be awesome. Deal with the drama and bullshit in the morning.

Whatever makes you happy, honeybee.

"So...yeah, we're all clean now. I figure we're all in desperate need of sleep, and here seems like a good place, so..." Hayley realized a possibility and frowned. "Assuming you want to stay. Uhm...please stay? I...don't want to lose you again." I must look REALLY pathetic right now. That aside, it was clear that she was now being nothing if not honest. "We could take shifts, make sure we all get at least a little sleep. We're meeting up with Maddy and Alex and Charlene at the groundskeeper's hut in the morning. I left all my clothes there, so I can get some new ones..."

She realized a little late that she'd revealed a bit too much. Her dress was obviously out- it lay with her sword, also soaked with blood and now sandy in addition. She was going to have to make her way to the hut mostly naked. In broad daylight. Fun times lay ahead! Fuck, if nothing else, best distraction technique ever. But for now she was going to have to distract Ema from the slip-up she'd just made.

"...I'm sorry about all this, by the way," she said, motioning to herself, scratching her head a bit sheepishly. "I...wasn't exactly expecting company."
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