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((Gloria Benson continued from Bat & Rats & and Blind Cave Salamanders))

Gloria sat on her duffel bag, well away from the water, tensed up a bit as she heard the new announcements, heard the names of the dead. Swallowing in panic, she held her gun closer to her chest, making sure to aim it away from herself. The last thing she needed was to accidentally shoot herself in the heart.

Then there were the danger-zones..."Key."

Key...was she on the key? Panicking again, Gloria looked around for a few second before jumping off of and unzipping her duffel, pawing desperately through it until she found her map. Oh God, please no, no, nonononono...! Hands shaking, she unfolded her map, nearly dropping her gun several times--she was trying to do all this while maintaining a firm grip on the weapon. Again, the irony nearly made her laugh...a gun had killed her father, now a gun was probably the only thing that could keep her alive. At least she could defend herself from farther away...Dad would be devastated if he saw this.

"Keykeykeykey..." GLoria muttered to herself, eyes wide as she perused the map. Sweat was starting to gather on her forehead, strands of hair sticking to her face as she leaned closer to the map, nose to paper. ...No key. She was on a Beach, not Key. "Thank God...Thank you, God, Dad!" Gloria sobbed, collapsing face-down onto the map, sobbing. Shoulders shaking as she wept, her tears started to stain the map.
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