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Charles sat back down on his rock, and lowered his gaze toward the ground. He listened closely to Maddy's words, thinking.... He had been thinking about it during most of his trek through those tunnels, but could they...? He let out a deep sigh.

"Maddy..." He began, "I - I've been thinking." He paused a moment, before continuing, "About that, I mean, the lack of rescue."

"Survival of the Fittest has long been something I've had a problem with, for obvious reasons, and it always bothered me that the islands were so hard to find even though there should have been enough information from the camera feeds to narrow the search considerably, and with the number of nations that would be willing to search... They should have been able to mount a rescue..."

He looked up and turned his head to look at Maddy, "But then I realized - Man, it was so obvious why didn't I see it sooner? - I realized that, you know... Everyone thinks SotF broadcasts live, but what if it doesn't? If it's on a delay they could take all the countermeasures they needed to slow the information leak... even a few hours can make a few methods of search more inaccurate."

Sighing, he continued, the timbre of dismay in his voice growing more clear. "Unfortunately, if I'm right about that, then we can't count on rescue, and that means escape would be even more difficult than we thought."

His eyes then seemed to light up, a definite change in his demeanor from before, "BUT! Even if we can't escape it doesn't mean we're powerless! I have an idea!"

Charles stood up to stretch his legs, "If we get as many of the remaining students to join up and stop killing each other... That rule where if there isn't a death for a whole day they'll blow all the collars. Danya spent a lot of money on this, if we sit around being boring he won't make enough to recoup his losses. If we can make the organization fall even one game before it would naturally, we'll have saved hundreds of lives!"

He sat back down and shook his head, "Sorry, that was all... disorganized. I had a lot in my mind I needed to get out. In case you didn't catch what I said; I think getting Danya to blow everyone's collars would lose him money and viewers, and maybe inspire the next class to try the same, eventually SotF will wither and die, potentially saving hundreds or thousands of people... So Maddy! How about it? Up for becoming a martyr?"
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