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((Sorry for the double post. I need to get Quince away for a little while, but don't worry, I'll try and get him back))

This was embarrassing. He told himself that it wasn't fear. It was just the result of the length of time he'd been out, and the inevitable. Quince suddenly found that he needed to pee really badly.

He could hardly do it here. Beyond the fact that he was being watched, there was also the matter of Tiffany. If she woke up and saw him with his dick hanging in the wind, what would she think? He gently shook her.

"Tiff, I gotta go take care of somethin'. I'll leave you with the gun just now, but I'll be right back. I won't be long. If you need me, just whistle."

He placed the gun down nest to her, and walked away, looking for some privacy, promising himself he'd be right back.

((Quincy Jones cont'd in Searching for clues))
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