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((Helen Wilson continued from Bats & Rats & Blind Cave Salamanders))

She had never gotten around to building a sandcastle. Instead, Helen had spent her time trying to shake off the people she'd met in the tunnels, and then run what she reckoned was south, based on the sea and her map. The forest had been good to her for a while, and she'd managed to find a spare loaf of bread in the duffel bag of a corpse (she didn't know who the corpse was, purposefully not looking at it) which was promising. Since then, and since the few snatched hours of sleep amid the trees, she'd been walking steadily. Trekking was probably a more technical term for it.

Helen had decided on this; the best way to survive was to keep moving. She had, dully, accepted that she was probably going to die, and as a result, the last day or so had been a lot easier on her. There had been two lots of announcements since then, one had woken her up just as she'd escaped from the crazy tunnels lot, the other had been as she'd trekked through an area of relative desertedness on the southern side of the island. She'd been trying to keep a wide berth of the funfair; somehow that seemed a place where psycho's would hang out. Horror movies weren't often set in abadoned fairgrounds for no reason.

There was something worse, though, her iPod was starting to run seriously low on battery. The charge indicator in the top right hand corner had started out on green, around noontime yesterday had slipped into orange, and was now deep into the red section. Turning it off sadld, Helen wrapped the headphones around the device and slipped it back into her back; she would have to go music free for a bit. That was probably a good thing anyway, better to be able to hear if someone was sneaking up on her, so she could turn around and... stab them in the stomach with a glow stick.

Coming into sight of the greens, she had spied Dave, Isabel and Charlie, all of whom seemed very comfortable in each other's company, which filled her with jealousy. She hadn't found anyone she knew yet, not that she knew properly anyhow. At any rate, they looked safe, sunbathing as they were in the warm orange glow of the sunset. It was an unusually beautiful evening, and Helen paused before they saw her to take a picture of them, dark shadows against a fiery sky. A good one for the collection, though she doubted the camera would ever find it's way home. Shrugging, she went up to them, trying to look as unimposing as possible.

"Hi..." she said softly. "Can I join you?"
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