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"Where are we going? I don't know, anywhere where there's some sort of cover. But not the tunnels, too risky going in there," she replied, reaching her hand inside her bag, her fingers brushing past the garrotte wire until they came into contact with the piece of paper.

'Why do I feel like I've said that before?' Miranda wondered as she brought the map out and started looking at the island layout on it. Then she remembered that she had said it before, while discussing plans with Garry, Saul and the now-late Cyrille.

"The hut, greens and lighthouse are danger zones, so they're no good," Miranda stated. Her eyes wandered over the ranger station, her original destination with the other group before everything went pear-shaped. It had seemed like a good place to hide out at the time, and it did now, especially with the wooded area to the west offering even more cover. Lily did mention about finding a place with trees, so it was good news all round. "Yeah, I think we should head this direction, towards the forest," she spoke, getting to her feet and showing the map to the others, pointing to the location with a pink nail polished finger.

"I'll lead the way," she said, not even waiting for the other two to reply. She gathered up her belongings and started to walk in the direction of the forest and the station, taking her compass out the bag and glancing at it.

((Miranda Merchant continued in Hearing is Believing))
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