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Oh my god you guys The Riz killed Cara what do!?
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Not what Ema had been expecting, not in the slightest. She figured by now, with 19 deaths yesterday and today practically over, her odds of running into someone she knew were about 1 in 250. She'd never even considered that, if there were anyone at the beach, they would be none other than Hayley Kelly. She hadn't expected her to be practically naked, either. Quite against her will, Ema's face began to flush red, difficult to notice in the gloom, but it probably wouldn't be in a minute or two.

"Ema...you're alive. I was...so worried..."

Wait, really? She'd been worrying about her? Ema wasn't sure whether that was hard to believe or not, weighing up the circumstances. Two days worth of murder and fear had been more than enough to purge Ema's own thoughts of much more than whatever was immediate - namely her own safety. But Hayley had clearly linked up with friends early, perhaps they'd had enough mutual safety to stay worried about those that weren't among them. Ema had not expected Hayley to be practically naked, either.

"Who's your friend?"

The second shape arrived, revealing himself to be a young man, shirtless, fairly tall, wearing glasses. Ema felt she should recognise him, but couldn't put a name to the face. She could, however, safely assume he was Hayley's latest vict--, no, boyfriend. "Come on, Ema," she told herself "Grow up, you're supposed to be over her. No bitchyness, even in your head."

So he was her boyfriend, and as to why they'd been together in the water, mostly undressed.. well that seemed like a no-brainer. It never occurred to Ema that Hayley had actually been washing off the blood of a recently deceased fellow student, those sorts of thoughts hadn't quite become the norm for her, not yet. She really hadn't expected to see Hayley practically naked. Her face was, by then, positively scarlet, in no small part due to the fuel Hayley and Kyle had provided her overactive imagination.

Ema tried to answer Kyle. Her throat had dried up again. Surprise surprise. Again, only a strained croak came out, sounding more like "Eurrk" than her name. She coughed, rubbing the front of her neck, hard enough that she momentarily choked herself for a split second, giving rise to even more embarrassing coughs and splutters. If her complexion could possibly have gotten any redder, it would have done then. She wasn't ready for this.

But eventually, finally, the words found their way past Ema's lips. "I'm Ema, we, err.. Hayley and I used to, uh... we used to date, last year, actually..." "Yeah, and in all that time, you never got this lucky, did you?" added the bitchy, smart-ass part of Ema's mind, the same she'd told to grow up minutes before. She wanted to shut it up again, but it did have a point this time around...
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