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((Rashid continued from Don't Go Breaking My Heart))

He was weary, ragged, paranoid and on the brink of insanity, and had a useless weapon. He couldn't escape those facts either physically or mentally.

And yet the possibility did somehow cross Rashid Hassan's mind that he was one of the luckier ones.

Compared to Harun, Rashid had fared better not having encountered anyone directly. Not being gluten-intolerant he was able to nourish himself and actually put his iodine pills to good use when he found that his water had run out. He had even found time to pray, using the rough estimation of shadows (and a random guess as to where Mecca was from wherever the hell he was) to improvise something somewhat resembling the proper routine.

This didn't mean that he had fully recovered from his depression though. He knew damn well that he was very lucky not to have been murdered by his only companion in his sleep. And he still felt that nagging, overbearing feeling of uselessness as he took out those iodine pills and continued to look at it longingly for what seemed like several minutes at one point. Finding the undisturbed space to pray only meant he could cope with it better. And the only thing that he'd found that helped him cope better than that was a shoulder to cry on, but unlike prayer he didn't want to think about that.

Fortunately (and ironically) for him, he'd found something disturbingly apt to prevent him from doing so. After a day or so of wandering and either deliberately or luckily avoiding people, Rashid and his traveling buddy had happened upon a conversation happening nearby. Both of those participants seemed to be female.

"I'm gonna see who's over there. Come with me if you want, but we gotta be quiet." Harun advised softly. Rashid nodded in consent and slowly snuck over to some nearby foliage to see who was talking.

As Luck would have it (or rather, luck seemed to have enjoyed fucking with him over the last 48 hours), the girl closest to them was other than Rosa Fiametta, the one person in the school that Rashid once came close to seriously considering having stoned to death for being too much of a whore. But rather than go into a possibly insanity-induced fundamentalist rage, Rashid found himself...staring. At least for the brief moment where she was totally exposed. And that was long enough for him to blush and his pants to suddenly tighten.

Of course, this being a situation where both the written and unwritten, secular and sacred easily got tossed aside in favor of the instincts that Man had not nearly abandoned since he emerged from the Cradle of Life, he couldn't call it temptation if this was just his instinct...right? It wasn't as if he'd been guiltier of anything even more worthy of a painful death, not counting what happened last night. They were cold, they were hungry, they were probably going to be viciously murdered, why wouldn't they do something like that? It was platonic and-

"Right...erm...it's Madeleine something and Rosa Fiametta....think we should go say hello to them?"
Madeleine. That's the other girl's name.

Harun's words had fortunately snapped him out of that thought pattern yet again. Rashid didn't seriously prejudice against most people, but the implications of what he'd done that night just unsettled him. Or maybe that was just more fuel for the metaphorical mental fire. He didn't want to know either way. Right now he tried to focus on remembering who Madeleine was within his class.

"Okay...sure." Rashid replied, his mouth twitching to and from a smile. He also had absolutely no idea what was supposed to happen after they stepped out of that foliage and especially what he was supposed to do if they decided to attack the two. He took a deep breath and tried to control his quivering as he waited for Harun to make the first move.
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