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Kyle was not surprised by Hayley's increased affections. She was trying to distract herself from the severity of the situation they were in. 'And here you are, ruining the moment by overthinking it, just like always.' The thought, though harsh, was true. Most harsh thoughts are; truth bites deeper than lies. He tried to relax and just go with it, enjoying the feeling of Hayley's lips against his, her hand on his chest and running through his hair.

And then a voice- female, calling out to Hayley. Hayley sat up, pulling away from Kyle to look at the shore. Then she stood, nearly jumped, and ran for the shore. Kyle rolled over, pushing himself up. Hayley was already on the shore, facing the newcomer without wariness. Kyle heard a part of what she said- the newcomer was named Ema, and Hayley cared for her. Kyle mentally encircled her with the group of people he should strive to defend- a frighteningly small group. He stood, approaching the shore slowly, giving himself time to think. Not slowly enough; he was soon standing awkwardly by Hayley's side.

"Who's your friend?"

He tried to keep his question from being too gruff, but it came out a little short, which felt like an incredibly assholish way to put it.
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