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His chest felt lighter as the silence went through the woods. Ben just stared at Chase, listening to her. Maybe they were more alike than he first thought. Although he didn't get mugged, or see a chainsawed body. No, he was lucky, he just saw a shot, a bullet wound. And he didn't... wait, mugged? Like... Ben shuddered. No, not like that. Just had her bag or something taken away. Ben felt delusional. He didn't get enough sleep last night, for sure.

"Look. If you want, I c-could stay with you. You know, help each other out?"

The words rang through his mind. Stay with her. Just for a while. Until the end. Wouldn't that be fine? Look after each other until the end. That's what he had promised Jacob. He should have ran after him. But no, he had to just stand aside.

I still say we shoot-
We're not shooting anyone. We're not murderers. I'm not a murderer.
What do you call shooting someone in the chest? An accident?
No. He was... he had a different way of trying to survive.
...I hope you're right.

Swallowing, he tried to speak. "I... I'd think... I..."

Thump. Thump. Thump.

Looking around, he saw a shadow come out into the light. He looked as if he had been through hell and came out the other side a different man. More scared. More sad. More... something... not human. And on his hands, a red, bloody chainsaw.

He felt Anna tense up next to him at the sight. This was the person she was talking about, right? The person who had killed her friend. Unconsciously, he clicked the safety button off on the marker. A killer? What should they do? Run? Fight? Live? Die? Slowly, he slipped his backpack shoulder straps back on.

"So. Did you have a nice day one, stranger?"

With shaky hands, he rose the paintball gun, aiming it at the human mass, sliding between it and Anna.

Oh, yay. Hero time. Bets on how long you last.

Shaking his head, he glanced at Chase. "Do you want to leave, partner? I'll follow."
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