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So relieved to see someone she knew, someone who cared about her enough to be glad to see her, that when Charles wrapped his arms around her she found tears beginning to form in her eyes. It was broken too quickly and hastily she wiped the back of her hand underneath her eyes and resumed looking at the floor. He talked about the afterlife, that there was no doubt they would both being seeing far sooner than either of them had intended to. And it scared her. Whatever Heaven might be, whatever He might have planned for her there, it would be without her family; for a while at least. There was so much she still had to do on this planet, places she never went, people she never met. A husband she would never have and children she would never raise.

"Yeah.." she said quietly, not really wanting to think about it aand agreeing that it was pointless. For the first time their usual arguments had been rendered pointless, what did it matter if you were going to find out soon anyways? "I wish it didn't have to be this way," she lowered her voice automatically, lest someone, a camera her main focus, should hear them. "Surely there is some way we can..." Maddy trailed off, looking irritably at the sky, managing to pull her eyes from the ground.

"Oh I don't know," she shrugged, outwardly her expression neutral (though her slightly red eyes gave her away as being far from neutral). Inwardly she was praying like she'd never prayed before: praying for a reason, praying to save her own skin. "This is all so unreal, why can't the Government, or someone, why can't they find us?" she demanded suddenly, not being able to figure out how an island of this size hadn't been found.
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